Opentecture was created as a way to collect and share information about modular systems, systems-thinking, design, and architecture.

As a child, I often played toys like LEGO™s, Construx, Lincoln Logs, and Transformers. These toys taught and inspired me to create; to shape and build the world as I imagined it.

I once had an opportunity to remodel a 50 year old house. Remodeling required walls and cabinets to be demolished, because the house was not designed to be modified.

These two experiences were only vaguely similar, and I wondered: Why could I not build a room in my house the same way I build a LEGO™-like house? Why not a house? Why not rooms inside a house? Features inside rooms? Based on interoperable components?

Opentecture is an exploration into modular physical architecture and open interfaces through a systems-thinking lens.

Ryan Wold, Afomi